When we teach our children to swim, we investigate, consider and make ourselves aware of the risks. We put safety measures in place and we may even engage the expertise provided by swimming instructors. We would never simply open the gate to the swimming pool and give the children free reign – just as we would never put our children on the train not knowing where it was going or where the children could get off, who else was on the train and what behaviour was acceptable!

So why are we giving our children devices that give them free access to the Internet and enable them to access anything that is on the world wide web?

Our children are still often needing guidance on how to engage socially in appropriate ways and needing adult help to navigate social injustices. How is this managed and monitored when they are alone with ‘friends’ on the social networks?

We have chosen to send our children to a Steiner school where the curriculum, the way the teachers teach and what they teach is being given to our children at the right time according to the wisdom of Rudolf Steiner’s view on child development. The school deliberately does not engage in media of any type until high school – year 8.

Because of the children’s “Online Privacy Protection Act” children are not allowed on social media sites until the age of 13. This includes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc and I am asking “what are you teaching your children by dodging these limits and letting the children access the social network sites? What is the message you’re sending allowing your children to break the rules and school expectations? Are they mature enough to behave safely and responsibly? Do they know the pitfalls and dangers and are you able to monitor their activity?”

Please prevent our beautiful and precious children from drowning. They need us to protect and guide them socially and emotionally at this time of adolescence when they are growing, changing and grappling with their identity and place in this bewildering world.

Children in our Primary School should not be on social media!

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