Proposed changes to the PWS Constitution (for approval at the AGM):

  • Clause 5.1 (z) – amended the list of Foundation members to correct member names and remove any deceased members.
  • Clause 5.1 (ww) – added a new membership type ‘Staff member’ so that all staff members can be Association members (not just teaching staff)
  • Clause 6.5 (a) and (b) – amended the description of how Association fees are applied, to align with current practice (i.e. paid by Community and Parent members as part of school fees).
  • Clause 11.3 (a) and (c) – proposes the introduction of Council member elections by secret ballot.
  • Clause 12.3 (c) – Councillor eligibility criteria to include that the person does not have a debt to the school greater than one term’s fees for each child enrolled at the school.
  • Other minor amendments throughout the Constitution.