Parents and Friends Study Group

With Anne Williams Mondays, 8:50am-10:15am in the Library.

The Anthroposophical study group for parents and friends meets on Mondays from 8:55am to 10:15am in the Library.

No children please.

For further information contact Anne Williams, 0424 771 217.

Craft Group

Come join our lively group of crafters and learn some new skills or polish up some old ones.

Come join our lively group of crafters and learn some new skills or polish up some old ones. All levels of ability are catered for. It will be run as “first you make you keep and then make one for the group to be sold”. This will go towards completing  your community hours.


Children welcome but do need to be supervised. We are working with Easter Crafts this term so come make something for your child and help make something towards the Easter market stall. Tuesdays, 9:00am outside the Canteen.


Free classes for adults with Kristina Hamilton.

Tuesday’s 2.15 PM – 3 PM in Williams Hall

Rudolf Steiner’s art of movement, EURYTHMY, helps to connect the spirit within each human being to the world at large. As well as being a much respected performance art, Eurythmy is recognized world-wide for its practical applications in education and therapy. At PWS Eurythmy is an essential component of the Waldorf Curriculum and is currently being offered from Kindy to Class 6. Each lesson is created anew to help the child meet the particular challenges of each stage of child-development.

In these free Eurythmy classes designed for adults, the aim is to share the life-affirming benefits of Eurythmy movements. After doing Eurythmy many people remark how they feel so much more relaxed, at one with the world, and ready to meet the challenges of life. Happy parents mean happy children, so do come and try this wonderful elixir! No experience is necessary, only a wish to enrich your soul in the joyful company of others.



Waldorf Wood Workers

Waldorf Wood Workers

Wood work group and social space for fathers.

The goal of the waldorf wood workers is to give fathers the opportunity to socialize and get to know the school community while working with wood.

The work to be undertaken is light to medium woodwork using mainly hand tools. The projects undertaken are creative and diverse. Any skill level is welcome. The projects undertaken are creative and diverse. We meet usually once a month during term. Please contact Christian Geyer for more information.