The principle aim of the Perth Waldorf School is the provision of high quality education based on the insights of Rudolf Steiner.

In essence, Waldorf Education recognises the three soul faculties of the human being, namely, Thinking, Feeling and Willing which emerge and develop during childhood.

Our curriculum and methodology address the unfolding of these qualities in children by providing content which parallels the developmental stage of the children.

Our teaching method, by recognising that these faculties emerge in a specific sequence in a child’s life, is in harmony with the consciousness of the child.

Taught this way, each subject serves to strengthen and balance these innate human qualities.

The Perth Waldorf School aims to

Provide an education of the highest quality so our students become balanced adult individuals, having developed clarity of thinking, sensitivity of feeling and strength of will.

Inspire within the children a love of learning, a morality that strives for goodness, an appreciation of beauty and a pursuit of truth.

Provide our students with knowledge, skills and the means to work competently in the world.

Provide our students with values that will enable them to find their path in life.

Inspire a sense of wonder at, and a healthy positive connection to, the world, arising from a knowledge of and responsibility toward the individuality of themselves and others.

Inspire a sense of the spiritual dimension of life as well as a healthy respect for the physical.

These aims are held throughout the child’s schooling but implementation of them will vary according to the development of the child.

Term Dates 2019

Term 1 - Tuesday 5 February to Friday 12 April

Term 2 - Tuesday 30 April to Friday 28 June

Term 3 - Monday 22 July to Thursday 26 September

Term 4 - Monday 14 October to Tuesday 17  December (Half Day)