The Waldorf School curriculum has been developed and refined over the past 100 years and is designed as a unity. Its subjects are introduced and developed in a sequence that mirrors the inner development of the pupil as they grow. Incoming students at every grade level easily adjust to the natural progression of the curriculum. The school does not seek any specific type of student; a broad spectrum of styles and abilities within each class is essential for creating a healthy environment. Our students all acquire knowledge and information in a curriculum approved by the W.A. Office of Non-Government Education.

Steiner Education
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To truly know the world, look deeply within your own being; to truly know yourself, take real interest in the world.

—Rudolf Steiner

Early Childhood

Early Chidhood education comprises of Parent and Baby Group, Playgroup and Kindergarten.

Primary School

Following on from Kindergarten, the children embark on a journey with their class teacher who, where possible, accompanies them throughout their Primary years.

High School

In the High School the curriculum is designed to meet the development of the third soul faculty – thinking.

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School Community Groups

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Class 7 Sailing Camp

A selection of KULBARDI poems from the sailing crew who called themselves the DEEP SEA LAWNMOWERS - but their boat… read more

Term Dates


  • Term 1 Wednesday 31st January - Thursday 28th March
  • Term 2 Monday 15th Apr - Fri 21st June
  • Term 3 Monday 15th Jul - Thursday 19th Sep
  • Term 4 Tuesday 8th Oct - Tuesday 10th Dec (Half Day)
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