After a semester, all paintings were finally completed and ready for presentation.

It appeared to be more of a struggle this year with Wardong students striving to express their thoughts and feelings in colour. For some, in the final weeks, it meant ‘dotting’ through main lesson in an effort to finish.

One student found it impossible to portray her ideas through this medium so she chose to do portraits of those in her life instead.

Every student was expected to address certain areas in their ‘speech’ when presenting:

*their personal experience

*choose aspects of their painting to explain and discuss

*their opinion in relation to the relevance of this painting for this age

*recitation of their poem, composed and based on one aspect of their picture.

A comment, repeated by a few, that was particularly poignant, reflected the growing maturity of these teenagers as they prepare for high school: It was important to contemplate life at this age, to think about relationships and whether some need to be let go of as they have outgrown them or do not contribute in a healthy way to one’s present life.

Others commented that it gave them a new appreciation for their family and friends and that in contemplating previous connections encouraged them to seek these people out once more.

It was a wonderful morning when finally it was time to set up the paintings and the children proudly showed off the finished piece to their parents.  For some it was a little daunting but they still managed to speak about their work.  For others, the nerves did not interfere with their speech and they spoke with confidence.

Well done Class 7 on your wonderful achievement.


Ms. Trish