My name is Britta and the question for my Class 12 Project is ‘What are the obstacles that women face in trade?’  I chose this topic because trade has run in my family and I know that in the future I will need to find  a career that is physical and hands on.  Did you know that over the last 20 years the number of females working in a physical/manual trade in Australia has not increased more than 3%?  And, that females in construction, engineering and automotive trades only make up 1% of all employees? I am interested in why women do not enter into these careers.


For my Project Practical I have been learning manual/trade skills on the job with the building of a tiny house with a team of female and male tradies.  I have helped with electrical work, plumbing, carpentry and to use all the different types of tools used in building, and have learnt to work to scale, make plans and be patient!  I have also gained insight into the female tradies world and the struggles that they face as well as what they love about the work.


In the future I wish to undertake an apprenticeship in carpentry (as I know I do not want to do plumbing!).

I look forward to sharing my year with you at the Class 12 Project Presentations!