Q: Why choose Parkerville over the established Bibra Lake campus? My child can get there by bus.

A: The bus service is in place to provide access to a high school Steiner Education. The bus journey has been accepted by families as a compromise. It is time consuming and relatively expensive for families. Children can be tired at the end of the day and sometimes can’t partake in week-day sports etc. The bus journey also gives access to unsupervised media to and from school.

The same curriculum will be provided at both the Bibra Lake and Parkerville campus.

Q: There are local, established high schools that graduating Silver Tree children are attending – why should I choose Parkerville Steiner College?

A: Steiner Education is one of the fastest growing approaches to education around the world. Our current High School cannot keep up with the demand so we have located a new campus in the Hills and primary school students from Steiner schools have first preference to get in. Judging by the number of families that were sending their children by bus to the Bibra Lake campus, we believe there is a high demand from Silver Tree parents for a local Steiner High School Education.
A Steiner High School Education is the first choice for a majority of Steiner primary school parents.

Q: How does Perth Waldorf School compare with any other Steiner High School?

A: The PWS High School was re-established in 2007 and currently has 240 students with approximately 50 staff covering all the subjects taught in a traditional Steiner curriculum. It has an excellent track record of graduating students since 2011 who have gone into the world to follow their passion including university and the workforce. Perth Waldorf School brings expertise and experience to the new campus to deliver an outstanding Steiner Education.

Q: Will there be a well-rounded timetable and specialist teachers available at the new campus when it opens?

A: Yes. Perth Waldorf School has many specialist teachers and experience in ensuring student needs are met – a full, enriching program and a large range of subjects will be available to students.

Q: What facilities will be available to students in 2022 and developing years?

A: Initially in 2022, only one class 7 will be running. The teaching and learnings of that class will be fully catered for. Initially, there will be a number of classrooms and a school office/staff room established on site in preparation for future years. The grounds will be well landscaped including appropriate gathering spaces, an outdoor kitchen and the oval will have turf. Appropriate facilities have been factored in to ensure a similar experience to the Bibra lake Campus including specialised subject rooms, such as science, music, art, ecology, drama and more.

Q: Will the High School overload the current parking and drive through at Silver Tree?

A: The majority of traffic at the high school is expected to be “kiss and drive”, with finish times staggered to avoid congestion in the Silver Tree road network.

Q: How will construction affect access to Silver Tree Steiner School and noise levels affect children and staff?

A: Construction traffic will enter and exit via Roland Road. The project manager has been asked to minimise disruption to Silver Tree families and visitors.
Unfortunately, some site works will create unwanted noise, such as firming foundations – so a considerate approach will be taken. Most buildings will only need assembly on site, and will not be using noise-heavy practices to install. The intention is to ensure the Parkerville Campus and Silver Tree can co-exist harmoniously and have a positive impact on each other.

Q: Will there be WiFi used on campus?

A: It is intended that the internet at the new High School campus will be hard-wired, as has been done at the Silver Tree Steiner School.

Q: I’m concerned about the overhead power lines, what danger do they pose?

A: The Australian Government has information about electric and magnetic fields available at https://www.arpansa.gov.au/understanding-radiation/radiation-sources/more-radiation-sources/electricity which indicates proximity to the power lines at the school campus is comparable with household levels.

Q: What building materials will be used? Will they be eco-friendly?

A: Architect and builders with a sustainable ideology have been selected for the development.

Q: What will you be doing to preserve the natural bushland and large trees on the site?

A: Preservation and cultivation of the existing bush and trees is a priority. There are some areas where decaying matter will need removal, and architectural plans have taken into account the pockets of established trees to enhance and protect.